We've screen printed apparel for businesses, sports teams, fundraisers, and more. We have a wide variety of ink colors available to choose from and we are always adding to our collection. All of our screen printing is done in-house so we can ensure a quality print.


About Screen Printing

How does it work?

Screen printing, sometimes called silk-screening, is an apparel decoration method where ink is applied directly to a garment. Each color in the artwork design is separated and applied individually with a different screen. A screen is similar to a stencil. The screen is laid flat on top of the garment and the ink is squeezed through the mesh screen with a swipe of a squeegee. The garment is then run through a special drier to cure the design after each color is applied. 

What can I screen print?

Screen printing is great for sports team jerseys, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and many other non-fleece garments.

Do you create the designs or can I provide my own?

We can create a design for you by using one of our pre-designed templates, or if you already have a design we can have it optimized for printing. If you are providing us with a design for screen printing, please be sure to send us a high quality .pdf, preferably with RGB colors.


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