Our embroidery department is equipped with hundreds of thread colors to choose from. We're capable of running three garments at a time which keeps our orders moving quickly through production. Our machines can embroider most any garment from hats to polos.


About Embroidery

How does it work?

Garments are securely pressed between two interlocking hoops to create a flat surface for embroidering. The whole assembly is then attached to the embroidery machine. The machine has 12 different needles, all threaded with different colors. The file with your design is programmed into the embroidery machine and tells the needles where to stitch and which color to use. 

What can be embroidered?

Embroidery can be done on most items including t-shirts, polos, jackets, tote bags, towels, hats, sweatshirts and blankets.

Do you create the designs or can I provide my own?

We can create an embroidery design for you by using one of our pre-designed ready-to-stitch templates, or if you already have a logo for your business we can have it digitized for embroidery. Digitizing is the process of taking a flat file (like a .jpg) and recreating it into a file that tells the embroidery machine where to place each stitch and which color to use. If you are providing us with a logo for embroidery, please be sure to send us a high quality .jpg or a .pdf.


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